About Strategic Membership


About Strategic Membership

This category of Membership is reserved for individuals deemed in the position to provide strategic advice in the development of the Software Hub (MSTH) initiative. These include senior members of policy-makers, industry captains and individuals of influence among the software testing industry stakeholders (public sector, industry and academia).

As a Strategic Member, your opinion and advice on relevant issues/matters will be sought and they will be channelled as input in formulation and planning of future development programmes under the MSTH initiative.


How to become a Strategic Member?

Membership of this category is by invitation only, and is subject to approval by the Board of Directors of MSTB.

However, if you fit the above descriptions and keen to participate in and contribute towards the development of Malaysia’s software testing industry, you are most welcomed to contact us at the email below:

E-mail contact: Please state you intention and provide brief description of your kind self.