Asian Software Testing Alliance (ASTA)

The ASIAN SOFTWARE TESTING ALLIANCE (ASTA) is an international regional alliance of Asian member countries of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (hereinafter referred to as “ISTQB”)


ASTA has the following common intent and objectives: -


  1. To collaborate among Asian member countries of the ISTQB to continuously develop, improve and support a single and  regionally accepted software and system testing scheme, rules and regulations, policies and procedures that are aligned and complementary to ISTQB’s rules, scheme and standards.

  3. To become the collective voice of the ASTA members at ISTQB meetings and share the issues and new developments unique or relevant to Asia, which can contribute positively to ISTQB’s international qualification scheme;

  5. To collaborate with each of the ASTA members in organizing software and system testing conferences, webinars, symposiums, seminars, conventions and meetings for the purpose of imparting and sharing of any information and knowledge concerning any development in respect of software and system testing within and for the benefit of the Asian region.

  7. To facilitate the creation of a connected Asian software and system testing community through the creation of ASTA community portal and programmes that promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing between software and system testing professionals throughout the Asian region. 

ASTA Members:

(a)   Japan      - Japan Testing Board (JTB)


(b)   Korea      - Korean Testing Board (KTB)


(c)   Malaysia  - Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB)


(d)   China      - China Software Testing Qualifications Board (CSTQB)


(e)   Vietnam  - Vietnam Testing Board (VTB)