About Q-Lab

Q-Laboratory, also known as the Q-Lab, is a test centre strategically located in Puchong. The Q-lab is a world-class testing facility that is part of the Malaysia Software Testing Hub program built to assist in the development of Malaysia’s professional testing community. The Q-Lab specifications include:
•       Area size of 6,500 sq. feet
•       Furnished with state-of-the-art test tools and test equipment
•       Able to accommodate 120 professional testers
•       Has the capacity to run up to 10 testing projects concurrently
 Q-Lab provides the perfect opportunity for aspiring individuals to join the software-testing industry. Q-Lab functions as a testing centre for local and international companies wishing to outsource their software testing requirements or rent the lab for their software testing needs.
To kick-start the lab, selected candidates nationwide were recruited to participate in a 10-month apprenticeship program. Qualified software testers under the apprenticeship program can start their new careers in this lab using a hands-on approach, enabling them to practise, research, and test software in real time. Testing is conducted in a controlled environment where junior testers are given live test projects to work on under the supervision of experienced testers.
The Q-lab also collaborates with local universities to leverage on the undergraduate programs whereby students are given the opportunity to practise using the testing tools and equipment available in the lab.