Accreditation by MSTB

MSTB is responsible for regulating the accreditation process and approval of training course materials, trainers, and training providers wishing to offer the ISTQB-accredited training courses in Malaysia. Training course owners, trainers, and training providers who wish to be accredited are required to formally apply through MSTB. The applications shall be reviewed by an accreditation panel to verify the capability of the applicants in delivering the courses according to the syllabus and standards set by ISTQB and MSTB.

Training providers formerly accredited by other ISTQB recognised national boards and wish to offer the courses in Malaysia are required to register with MSTB before they are allowed to offer their courses to the public.

MSTB is the only national board recognised by ISTQB to administer the training provider accreditation in Malaysia. 


Accreditation Guidelines

Who is required to be accredited?

Accreditation is required for the following groups of applicants:

1) For companies / training providers offering training on ISTQB courses

·         First time accreditation

·         Companies accredited to teach ISEB and now wish to update to ISTQB syllabus

·         Accredited companies requiring re-accreditation due to ISTQB directives 

(e.g. major shift in syllabus that  requires re-accreditation).

2) For organisations (training course owners) with courseware materials supporting the ISTQB syllabus

·         First time accreditation

·         Companies accredited to teach ISEB now wishing to update to ISTQB syllabus

·          Accredited trainers requiring re-accreditation due to ISTQB directives

(e.g. major shift in syllabus that requires re-accreditation).



When is accreditation conducted?

 MSTB conducts accreditation twice a year during which the Accreditation Panel shall convene to review all applications. Any application submitted between January and May will be reviewed and decided in month of June. Applications submitted between June and November will be reviewed and decided in December.




How to apply for accreditation?

To apply for accreditation, please write directly to the MSTB Secretariat or email The Secretariat shall guide applicants regarding accreditation requirements, applicable fees, and status of application.